Some of our professional clients focus on buying,
develop, renting out or selling commercial properties
such as hotels, office buildings, shopping centers,
industrial properties, golf clubs, marinas etc.

There are several financing solutions available for all
kinds of commercial projects:

We have equity partners that goes in with up to 100%
of the equity needed. Normally the projects needs to
have a ticket of minimum 20 million Euro or more.

Equity release is available (senior debt) where a liquid
property can be used as security for a bridge loan,
to finance another project. Normally up to 65% of
the asset valuation.

There are also development loans available to
purchase and renovate commercial properties. Up to
75% of the total project cost.

If you plan to buy land and build a commercial
property, there are development loans available up
to 75% of the total project cost.

If you already own the land there are construction
loans available to 100% of the construction cost, but
also up to 40% release of equity from the plot value.