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We also handle the financing for developers buying plots,
building and selling apartment based multi family

There are several financing solutions available for these
kind of multi family projects:

If you already own the land there are construction
loans available to 100% of the construction cost, but
also up to 40% release of equity from the plot value.

If you are planning to buy land and build a multi family
project, and have equity for the purchase, there are
development loans available up to 75% of the total
project cost to leverage your equity options.

We also have equity partners that goes in with up to
100% of the equity needed. Normally the projects
needs to be high profit and on a favourable location
to interest our equity partners.

The documentation demands from the lenders and
equity partners are very high in these kind of multi
family construction projects. Our team will guide you to
create the correct presentations necessary to be
successsful with the lenders.