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Many of the property developers we work with around Europe are looking for equity partners, that can help them complete more projects per year. Every developer see opportunities on the market but their own equity is tied up in existing project.


We at PFI organize debt and equity funding for property developers, with quality checked and profitable projects. After we have run our quality checks, we then secure the debt part needed in the project with alternative lenders or banks. After that our Equity Club members receive the offer from us to participate in the project.

This means that our Equity Club members only receive serious and pre-qualified investment opportunities, where both we and an alternative lender or bank have made their due diligence and approved the project.

The offers will be sent to you personally by our club manager, who will answer all your questions and connect you with our desk manager if you are interested in a project.

 In these kind of projects, normally lasting 2-3 years, the return on invested money is normally above market standards and safe above average compared to other investment situations. 

If you like to participate in a project, our desk manager and lawyer will oversee any contracts and transactions between you and our developers. We help both investor and developer to make a professional transaction.


Our developers are active mainly in residential projects, but also in hospitality and commercial projects. Ticket sizes of equity needed is normally between 1-20 million euro. Most of our project are in European markets, but sometimes in other continents. 

After you sign up the form below, our club manager will contact you and make sure that you will only receive offers in asset classes, ticket sizes and countries you are interested in.


Our Equity Club members are normally high net worth individuals and family office managers. Their focus is to invest in serious property developers projects, an above average secure and profitable  investment. 

Also introducers are members in our club, normally real estate experts with a network of investors. They receive our offers and distribute them to their connections on commission basis.


Feel welcome to sign up below, and our club manager will contact you to explain more, or send us an email to [email protected].

Equity Club interest form

There is no committment if you sign up this form, it only means that we will contact you and explain more about our Equity Club and the opportunities you will be presented with.  If you after that accept to be a member, we will start sending you opportunities to assess.

By submitting this form you approve to our disclaimer and privacy policy.

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