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We are a financial broker focusing on arranging property financing for our clients, property developers and property investors. We have an international network of alternative lenders, equity partners, funds and private banks. We finance property purchases, new construction, renovation, and equity release. 

We are based in Spain but act on the international arena, organizing property financing in many countries inside and outside Europe. Welcome to contact us for a free consultation and application process.

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Commercial property

3 C’s for Commercial Property Lending

When it comes to commercial property lending, success hinges on three key factors known as the 3 C’s: character, collateral, and capacity. These factors hold immense importance for both borrowers and lenders in the world of commercial real estate. To help you better understand the significance of the

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Real Estate

Real Estate Financing Solutions: Mortgages, Loans, and more

Did you know that real estate is one of the most significant assets in the world, valued at over $280 trillion globally? Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, understanding real estate financing solutions is essential for achieving your property goals. From conventional mortgages to innovative financing methods, exploring the options available

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Finance a property

How to Finance a Property in Europe 2024

Did you know that the European real estate market is projected to exceed €1.5 trillion in 2024? With such vast potential, financing a property in Europe offers lucrative opportunities for investors.  However, navigating the complexities of property financing in the European market can be intimidating. That’s why it’s important to understand the

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