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Housing Market Price Trends for 2024

Did you know that the median sale price for an existing home in the U.S. reached a staggering $393,500 as of March 2024, the highest March median on record with the National Association of Realtors (NAR)? This eye-opening statistic sets the stage for a housing market that is brimming with both opportunities and challenges for buyers and sellers alike.

While mortgage rates have come down from their peak, they remain high, and steep home prices are dissuading would-be buyers from entering the market. However, the experts suggest that if mortgage rates were to drop further, it could spur the market for both buyers and sellers. But with home prices at historic highs, inventory still very tight, and big commission changes coming this summer, many prospective sellers and hopeful buyers are feeling nervous about today’s housing landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • The median sale price for an existing home in the U.S. reached a record-high $393,500 as of March 2024.
  • Mortgage rates have come down from their peak but are still high, deterring some would-be buyers.
  • Inventory remains very tight, creating a seller’s market in many areas.
  • Upcoming commission changes and high home prices are making both buyers and sellers nervous.
  • Experts suggest that further drops in mortgage rates could spur more activity in the housing market.

What’s in Store for Housing Prices?

As the housing market continues to evolve, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s in store for housing prices in 2024?” The data paints a picture of historic highs and a persistent seller’s market, driven by low housing inventory.

Historic Highs and Rising Costs

The median home-sale price as of March 2024 was $393,500, up 4.8 percent from one year ago, according to data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). This represents a new record high for March, showcasing the continued rise in home prices.

Low Inventory Fueling Seller’s Market

The nation had a 3.2-month supply of housing inventory as of March, per NAR, which is low enough to be considered a seller’s market. The home-price growth increased in February 2024 by 6.4 percent, according to S&P CoreLogic’s latest Case-Shiller Index, up from 6 percent in January. This emphasizes that the low levels of inventory mean that sellers continue to have the upper hand in the housing market.

Mortgage Rates: A Roller Coaster Ride

The first months of 2024 have seen mortgage rates on the rise, further denting affordability for would-be homebuyers. While the Federal Reserve has held rates steady so far this year, they have signaled that rate cuts, rather than hikes, could be coming before the year is out. However, many predict that homebuyers will still be feeling the squeeze throughout the year due to stubbornly high inflation.

Impact of Federal Reserve Rate Hikes

The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions have a significant impact on mortgage rates. As the Fed navigates the delicate balance between controlling inflation and supporting economic growth, their actions can send interest rates on a roller coaster ride, directly affecting the housing affordability for buyers.

Predictions for 2024 Mortgage Rates

According to Bankrate’s latest national survey of large lenders, the average rate on a 30-year mortgage was 7.23 percent as of May 8, 2024. This underscores the continued volatility in the mortgage rates market, as homebuyers and homeowners alike grapple with the implications of these fluctuations on their housing affordability.

Housing Inventory Shortage

Housing Market Prices

While the overall number of existing homes on the market for sale sat at 1.11 million units as of March, up from both the previous month and the previous year, this still represents only a 3.2-month housing supply – far short of the 5 to 6 months usually needed for a balanced housing market. As NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun aptly noted, “More housing inventory is clearly needed to help stabilize home prices and get more Americans moving to their next residences.”

The tight housing supply continues to fuel a seller’s market, where prospective buyers face intense competition and limited options. This imbalance between housing demand and housing inventory has been a persistent challenge in the real estate landscape, making it crucial for both buyers and sellers to understand the dynamics at play.



Existing Home Inventory (March 2024)

      1.11 million units

Months of Housing Supply (March 2024)

      3.2 months

Balanced Housing Market Inventory

      5-6 months


Factors Influencing Housing Demand

The housing market’s future is heavily influenced by the interplay of several key factors, including job growth, population trends, and affordability challenges. These dynamics shape the ongoing demand for homes and ultimately determine the market’s trajectory.

Job Growth and Population Trends

According to NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun, “Housing demand has been on a steady rise due to population and job growth, though the actual timing of purchases will be determined by prevailing mortgage rates and wider inventory choices.” This suggests that as the economy continues to expand and the population grows, the demand for housing is likely to increase. However, the pace of these purchases will hinge on the affordability factor, which is a critical consideration for many prospective homebuyers.

Affordability Challenges

This also notes that “steep home prices are dissuading would-be buyers,” highlighting the significant affordability challenges facing the housing market. Despite the steady demand driven by job and population growth, the high cost of homes and the impact of rising mortgage rates are creating barriers for many individuals and families seeking to purchase a home. This delicate balance between housing demand and affordability will be a crucial determinant of the market’s future performance.

As the housing market navigates these complex dynamics, it will be essential for both buyers and sellers to stay informed and work closely with experienced real estate professionals to ensure a successful transaction. By understanding the factors influencing housing demand, you can make informed decisions and position yourself for success in the 2024 housing market.


Housing Market

The 2024 housing market is shaping up to be a challenging landscape for both buyers and sellers. The combination of high mortgage rates, steep home prices, and low inventory levels are creating a complex scenario that requires careful navigation. 

Buyer’s or Seller’s Market?

This delicate balance of supply and demand points to a continued seller’s market in many regions, as it indicates that “the plague of low inventory won’t be cured in the short-term, and there are still more buyers than sellers in many markets.” However, the high mortgage rates and steep home prices may dissuade some potential buyers, leading to a more balanced market in certain areas.

Regional Variations

It’s important to note that the housing market can vary significantly across different regions. Factors such as job growth, population trends, and local economic conditions can all contribute to the strength of the buyer’s or seller’s market in a particular area. Homebuyers and sellers should closely monitor the specific dynamics of their local housing market to make informed decisions.

Housing Sales Forecast

Real Estate

As the housing market continues to navigate the complexities of 2024, the outlook for housing sales remains a topic of keen interest. While home prices rose or held firm in 2023, the volume of home sales softened considerably, and this trend has continued so far in 2024, with existing-home sales in March down both month-over-month and year-over-year.

Existing Home Sales Trends

The decline in existing-home sales has been a notable trend in the 2024 housing market. This softening in housing sales has persisted, with existing-home sales in March seeing a drop both compared to the previous month and the prior year. This indicates that the combination of high mortgage rates, steep home prices, and low inventory levels are presenting challenges for both buyers and sellers in the current market.

New Construction Outlook

However, there is some optimism on the horizon. 

New-construction homes hitting the market could help improve inventory levels, which have been a significant constraint in the housing market. As the supply of homes increases, this could help spur more sales activity. Additionally, NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun, states that “Housing sales are expected to increase a bit” in 2024, though “we are not expecting sales to increase dramatically, as rates are likely to remain above 6 percent,” according to Redfin’s Chen Zhao.

Overall, the housing sales forecast for 2024 suggests a mixed picture, with existing-home sales facing headwinds, but the potential for new construction to ease inventory challenges and provide a boost to overall housing sales activity.

Navigating the 2024 Housing Market

As the 2024 housing market presents a complex landscape, it’s wise to seek the guidance of experienced local real estate agents. These professionals can provide invaluable housing market advice to both buyers and sellers, helping you navigate the nuances of the ever-evolving market.

Expert Advice for Buyers and Sellers

Buyers should heed the caution of industry experts to “be wary of biting off more than can be financially chewed.” With home prices at record highs and insurance costs on the rise, it’s crucial to approach the home buying process cautiously and with the support of a trusted real estate professional.

On the other hand, sellers may remain hesitant to list their homes due to the prospect of higher mortgage rates, which could further constrain the already tight housing inventory. Experts advise both buyers and sellers to carefully navigate the 2024 housing market, leveraging the expertise of a real estate agent to ensure a successful transaction.

Overall, the key to navigating the 2024 housing market is to collaborate with a skilled real estate professional who can provide invaluable home selling tips and home buying tips, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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